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12/05/2013 12/05/2013

Social and Mobile Recruiting

Please watch this video before you register for the first time This event will look at predictions and forecasts and social and mobile recruiting in 2014 and the challenges employers will face to stay ahead in the race for the top talent.  Matt Alder will be on hand to give his thoughts on 2014 and […]

Location : Unknown

01/15/2014 01/15/2014

#rcnvs Improving Your Sourcing Strategy

If you have a spare 2 minutes and 40 seconds, check out a video from a previous Reconverse event here. Regardless of how well thought out the rest of a hiring process is, without a sourcing strategy in place, everything else is rendered pointless. Identifying talent is the first stage of any recruitment process but all […]

Location : London

01/22/2014 01/22/2014

#rcnvs The Challenges of Global Talent Attraction

If you have a spare 2 minutes and 40 seconds, check out a video from a previous Reconverse event here. A recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of KPMG titled Rethinking Human Resources in a Changing World, found that 3 out of 4 executives say their workforce is becoming increasingly global, but just […]

Location : London

02/05/2014 02/05/2014

#rcnvs Harnessing the Power of Employee Referrals

If you have a spare 2 minutes and 40 seconds, check out a video from a previous Reconverse event here. The issues around referral recruitment has never been if it delivers the right type of candidate, as employers have relied on referrals for as long as they have been hiring.  The key issue right now seems […]

Location : London

02/12/2014 02/12/2014

Building A World Class Candidate Experience

For most organisations, employer brand and reputation are of the utmost importance, however too many companies harm their public perception before the candidate has even had their first interview, through any number of poor experiences along the recruitment process, resulting in damage to brand (both consumer and employer) and the potential loss of “that candidate”. […]

Location : Unknown

02/26/2014 02/26/2014

In-house Recruitment for Start-ups

As the London start-up scene continues to boom, so does the need to hire the best talent into them.  The challenges they face to accomplish their people goals are very different to the larger employers and that lack of guidance has seen a heavy reliance on recruitment consultants in this space.  This event aims to […]

Location : Unknown

03/19/2014 03/19/2014

#rcnvs Recruitment, But Not As We Know It

In-house recruitment teams have to become more innovative in their approach to talent attraction in order to reach and communicate with the right type of candidates.  This event will celebrate these innovations and showcase the most creative approaches to in-house resourcing and recruitment, as well as looking at emerging platforms, techniques and strategies.   This […]

Location : Unknown

03/26/2014 03/26/2014

Recruitment Marketing In Modern Recruitment

With the idea of ‘immediate need recruitment ‘ now out of date,  with a shift of focus to maintaining a consistent pipeline for the ‘total workforce’, coupled with even more focus than ever being placed on the employer brand, having a solid recruitment advertising strategy in place is no longer a “nice to have”, it […]

Location : Unknown

04/03/2014 04/03/2014

Building An Effective Onboarding Strategy

Acquiring great talent is just the beginning. With ever increasing burdens placed on organisations to retain top talent combined with the continuing desire to drive optimal operating efficiency, the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective employees has never been so important. Failure to prepare for the introduction of a new […]

Location : Unknown

04/09/2014 04/09/2014

Hiring Digital Talent

One of the biggest issues faced when hiring digital professionals is finding candidates that are up to date with the technology curve, when you are not Google, Facebook or a Shoreditch start-up, that are currently on trend. This event will look at: How do employers compete with in vogue competitor employers? Hiring for the future: […]

Location : Unknown

05/01/2014 05/01/2014

Video Interviewing That Works

Our 3rd event on video interviewing comes at a time when in-house recruitment teams have woken up to the possibilities that video interviewing platforms can offer. On a weekly basis, more and more case studies appear evangelising the benefits these platforms, proving this trend towards video interviewing is a legitimate movement and not a fad. […]

Location : Unknown

05/21/2014 05/21/2014

The Challenges of Retail Recruitment

If you have a spare 2 minutes and 40 seconds, check out a video from a previous Reconverse event here. The retail world is still recruiting, with all market indicators pointing to positive for the forseeable future, however retailing is often not an attractive employment option due to lack of knowledge of broader careers available, often […]

Location : Unknown

06/12/2014 06/12/2014


Agenda Please note all presentations will be followed by roundtable discussions 8:45 RecFest Breakfast 9:20 Introduction from Ken Ward 9:45 Melanie Hayes (Head of Resourcing at Care UK) – Employer Branding In A Candidate Scarce Market 10:40 Matt Burney (Group Online Resourcing Manager at G4S) – Recruitment Blah Blah Blah 11:35 Grant Weinberg (Director of International Talent Acquisition at Gilead Sciences) – Hiring […]

Location : Unknown

07/02/2014 07/02/2014

Defining Your Employer Value Proposition

An employer value proposition is a set of offerings and values designed to give potential employees a reason to work for that business.  The major issue most employers face is how to differentiate their EVP from their competitors. Communicated well, a unique EVP can make your business a more appealing choice to the talent you are trying to attract. This […]

Location : Unknown

07/09/2014 07/09/2014

Building In-house Executive Search

2013 saw a real surge in the number of employers taking at least part of the executive search function in-house and that  shift  will accelerate through 2014 as the market pulls out of the down economy, more senior positions will be created and the international tiger markets will continue to look to the UK workforce for […]

Location : Unknown

08/06/2014 08/06/2014

Building A Socially Integrated Recruitment Process

Social recruiting is not a project or PR exercise anymore, it is an engrained aspect of talent attraction. In modern recruitment, the social web runs in fluid motion through every aspect of the recruitment process, from sourcing, to screening, to connecting, to branding and even onboarding.  The next stage in the evolution is the changing mentality […]

Location : Unknown

08/13/2014 08/13/2014

Building A Mobile Recruiting Strategy

In 2013 Google presented statistics that stated that 88% of job searches started on a mobile device in the UK and that is a trend that is set to unbelievably increase in 2014.  The use of the mobile to find jobs, understand about a potential employer, engage recruiters and apply for positions is happening right […]

Location : Unknown

09/10/2014 09/10/2014

Building A World Class Company Career Site

An employer’s company career site is still a vital part of their arsenal when it comes to finding the best talent.  However today candidate expects more than just nice pictures and slick copy, with a much stronger focus on interaction, job notification, instant access information and application tracking as just some of the features they […]

Location : Unknown

09/17/2014 09/17/2014

Talent Pooling, Talent Pipelining and Community Recruitment

Whatever you call it, the ability to group sets of potential candidates and engage with them on an ongoing basis, that doesn’t relate to a specific job approach, can give employers a huge advantage when you comes to recruiting engaged, pre-qualified candidates, along with boosting their employer reputation and communicating your EVP.  With that said, […]

Location : Unknown

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Social and Mobile Recruiting – Round Table Round-up – 5/12/13

Christmas feeling to the event today, our last of the year!  Paul Harrison of Carve Consulting leads off with his hitlist of fourteen things we should be looking out for in 2014. 1)  ROI of social has still not been sufficiently answered, especially by those in recruitment.  Paul proposes starting with the “Triple A”. It […]

Building In-house Executive Search – Round Table Round-up – 20/11/13

“At the beginning, companies building in-house exec search to save cost. Over time, that objectives changes.”   Focussed on building in-house executive search functionality, Research Europe kicked off with a little scene-setting, courtesy of a look at the RBS model.  The in-house exec search team there focusses only on the top 300 roles in the […]

The Future of Recruitment Technology – Round Table Round-up – 14/11/13

“Technology won’t solve your problem unless you can accurately identify what your problem was in the first place”   Continuing our exploration of London venues, this event hit up the Grace venue on Great Windmill Street – certainly a different feel to it and a great way to welcome a guest from across the pond, […]

Employer Brand in Modern Recruitment – Round Table Round-up – 10/10/13

This event took a deep dive into the world of Employer Branding, starting with a swift presentation from Lead Sponsor for the day, The Student Room. This took a look at the kinds of decisions younger people make when considering career options and the different things that influence them. Certainly worth a look for any […]

What Is A “Best-In-Breed” ATS?

Editors Note:  Our 2nd instalment from The Conversational Recruiter looks at the state of the ATS market, what “best-in-breed” actually means and who’s calling the shots.  As always, thoughts and comments at the bottom please. ————————————————————————- How are the so-called best-in-breed ATS systems able to survive in today’s changing recruitment world ? In a word “because […]

HARBOUR on the Marquee for RecFest

We are pleased to announce that HARBOUR will be the Marquee Sponsor for the inaugural RecFest.    HARBOUR, and Alex Hens in particular, have been long term friends of Reconverse, so we are pleased to be working with them to bring you THE in-house recruitment festival of the summer. When asked why they’ve agreed to […]

Lisa Scales and Peter Gold to Host Interactive Workshop

OK, let’s say you want to buy a new car – what do you do? You test drive a few, you read online reviews, you speak to your friends……but what would happen if you had a car manufacturer, Jeremy Clarkson and a bunch of people that all have an opinion in the same room? Would you buy the […]

Why direct recruitment is like being a parent…….

Editors Note: Recently we were approached by a senior talent acquisition leader who was keen to start blogging, and had a LOT to say, but red tape would make it impossible to open and honest, two things that make a great blogger.  We suggested an alias, offered a platform and the rest, as they say, is history. […]

Are you becoming over reliant on Linkedin Recruiter? by James Chapman

Last year, 94 per cent of businesses used Linkedin for recruitment, according to JobVite’s ‘Social Recruiting Survey Results 2013′. It’s a fact that a lot of the hiring process now takes place out in the social stratosphere, whether that’s search, making contact, vetting or keeping track of prospective candidates. So consuming is this trend, that […]