We are an innovative little events business that works exclusively for the in-house recruitment community.  Our boutique gatherings are relaxed, inclusive and heavily focused on peer-to-peer learning. We achieve this through our unique supplier speed meeting sessions and closed door round table discussions.  Having hosted three events per month over the past three years, we have a firm handle on creating events that make a real difference to attendees.



“The key piece for me is that my role is extremely busy and varied so I often don’t get the chance to have a meaningful chat with suppliers. As such it was a great opportunity to just take myself away from my phone, e-mail, team and desk and to genuinely engage with suppliers.

Mainly, I intend to pick up with the researchers and have a plan of action as a result, so many thanks again for the opportunity.” Jenny Herbet, HRD Resourcing – BDO UK


“A thoroughly enjoyable, relevant, and valuable event. Jamie strikes the right chord with vendors and suppliers and sets the scene for a unique networking experience. I look forward to the next event!”  James Batchelor, Senior Talent Acquisition Lead – Samsung Electronics




For more information on any of our events, please contact us on 01227 262 838.