BONUS EVENT: SoMo – 21st June

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Our Mobile event in April and Social event in earlier this month were very well received, and word has seemed to spread, resulting in a fair amount of employers knocking at our door asking when the next one was.  So, being the agile little company we are, we’ve decided to put on a bonus event, on the 21st June.  It will be a mash-up of both events, for people that could not make either or one or the other in London.  It will be a slightly smaller event, with only 8 delegates places available (for free as always!) and 8 supplier tables.
Starting at 12pm, delegates will meet for coffee, followed by an hour of 10 minute speed meetings with relevant industry suppliers that can help forward their social and mobile strategies.  Then, over lunch, our resident futurologist, Matt Alder, will give a presentation on the 2 both subjects and how they entwine.
This will lead onto the round table discussion, where delegates are free to be as involved as they like and the conversation is encouraged to go where it will.  This is peer to peer learning in it’s most purest form.
And as always, this will be followed by a few drinks at the bar for some less formal networking.
If you would like to attend, please register today.

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