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Big Data – Round Table Summary – 1/8/13

“Bid data is like a 5-wood.  Just another club in the golf bag.  Just another way to get the ball from the tee to the hole.” We’ve talked for a while about running an event on Big Data – well, it happened!  Some of those present had some solid ideas on what they thought Big […]

Video in Recruitment

The concept of video interviewing isn’t new, but the changing mentality towards it is.  Last year, we hosted our first Video in Recruitment event and found a market that had been somewhat overlooked by employers, due to social, mobile and other “mega trends” taking priority.  A year on and video interviewing has certainly started to […]

Global Recruitment – The Challanges

As part of a truly global recruitment market, in-house recruiters face a whole new bag of challenges to overcome in order to recruitment the best talent from around the world. These include: Channel Selection:  How do you know what routes to candidate work the best, for different roles and industries, in different countries?  It sounds like an impossible task, but […]

Big Data and Recruitment Analytics

The world is awash with data. It is estimated that digital data production will be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009 and by that time the amount of online data would have reached 35 Zettabytes.  But what does it all mean for recruitment? “Data is the sword of the 21st century […]

Reconverse Update – New Team, New Events

Times are fun at Reconverse, without trying to sound like a complete smug git.  We’re now a 5 person team moving to 6 very soon, which, to be honest, has really crept up on me.  I swore off man management years ago and I’ve missed it like a hole in the head, but now I […]