The Genetically Modified Sales Rep

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Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to work with some fantastic sales people. Not people that made 500 calls a day or “closers”, but people that could listen to a client, understand their problems and come up with a solution. That’s what good sales people do. I always imagined what a genetically modified sales person would look like. I would have them have huge ears for listening, but a really small mouth. Maybe even no mouth. I’d give them super eyesight to read the small print and a keen sense of smell for bull or any other type of manure. They’d have a built in LinkedIn API with face recognition so they instantly knew just enough about them to make their first approach meaningful. I’d also paint them bright blue to make them memorable. They’d resporn business cards from their hand the minute they’d given one away. Eidetic streaming memories would replace the need for Salesforce. And, they’d work for nothing more than a battery recharge every other month.

Ahhhhh, the dream.

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